Ilana: Setting the trend for ethical skincare

Ilana: Setting the trend for ethical skincare

The skincare brand Ilana has scripted its story of success by lending an ear to its customers and delivering on its promise of being transparent. ‘What’s on the label is what’s in the bottle’, is the motto for the brand and the team ensures that they deliver the message to its customers through its innovative products. The brand also truly leverages the power of Social Media to stay relevant in the minds of its receptive audience.

Ilana has witnessed a year-on-year revenue growth of close to 50%. It earned a revenue of `2 crore in FY 2019-20 and `3.3 crore in FY20-21.

Since its establishment three years ago, Ilana has grown to a customer base of 50,700 and continues to win more people each day with its ethical, sustainable product line.

The company plans to launch a male-centric brother brand in the future that will offer simple, straightforward skin and hair care solutions for men.

Currently bootstrapped and available across leading e-marketplaces, Ilana’s marketing spends are 30-35% of its revenue.