ORCO – spices that garner natural flavours

ORCO – spices that garner natural flavours

ORCO offers more than 50 products of which 14-15 spices are mixed blends. This unique offering includes golden milk masala, chia masala, chicken curry masala, mutton masala, etc. Its focus on good health has also led it to diversify into selling organic seeds – easy-to-consume superfoods filled with vitamins and nutrients.

Presently  ORCO, is aiming for 10x growth in the years to come. The spices are hand-ground and no machinery is used in the process, allowing them to retain their natural flavour and properties. The four-year-old brand also wishes to empower women in the process, allowing them to be more independent in life.

ORCO has a pan-India presence and supplies its products across the country.

Besides selling through its own website, ORCO spices are also available for purchase on marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba, etc. The brand has more than 50 products available on its website that customers can choose from. With an aim to establish itself as an international brand over the next few years, ORCO has already begun exporting its spices to Germany.

Since inception, the brand’s customer base has been growing at 30% year-on-year.