Abhijeet Gaur

Product Lead - Blaze | GM - E-commerce | Bureau.id
Abhijeet Gaur leads the Blaze product and the e-commerce vertical for Bureau.id as General Manager.
As part of the founding team at bureau.id, Abhijeet has led the 0 to 1 Product of Blaze, taking the idea of Blaze Checkout and RTO guarantee to market.
In the past, Abhijeet was one of the earliest Product hires at Razorpay. In the 3 years of his stint at Razorpay, he worked extensively on several product lines across Core Payment Gateway, Checkout and Fraud & Risk platform, shipping key Razorpay products like Instant Refunds, Affordability Platform and Razorpay Thirdwatch.
A developer-turned-PM, Abhijeet has the experience of scaling products to massive scale as well as leading idea-to-GTM products, especially in the domain of E-Commerce and Payments.