Pranav Malhotra

Founder & CEO, TruNativ
11:30 – 12:30 hrs

Ballroom - B 07 April 2022 – Ballroom – B

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building a Seamless Payments Network and the Importance of Digital Payment and Easy Credit (BNPL)

With so many potential distractions and other options for online shoppers, it’s never been so important to provide your customers with a frictionless customer journey. From suggested products to ease of checkout and the correct payment options, there are so many different avenues that feed into a seamless customer journey.


We bring founders together for brainstorming ideas and sharing their successes and challenges when trying to remove any hurdles from the customer journey, and essentially keep their customers engaged and buying from them.


  • How to take your business to the customer - Meet the customer where and how they want to be met. Speed = convenience
  • How to future-proof your platform
  • Smarter, faster, swifter, frictionless check-out = guaranteed uptake in conversion
  • Buy Button on Social Media
  • Where is your customer’s decision point
  • How do we get people in a buying mindset
  • Be where your customer wants to shop – and it’s not necessarily your website

Experience / reduction in payment methods … building a network is important