Soumajit Bhowmik

Co-Founder & CEO, Styched
14:00 – 15:00 hrs

Ballroom - A 07 April 2022 - Ballroom - A

PANEL DISCUSSION:  Building CX into the DNA of D2C I How D2C Brands Can Build a Top Level Customer Experience

The essence of D2C is personalization to each and every customer and building on experience, across every interaction and user journey. With the product at the heart of the customer relationship, reducing processes and friction throughout the purchase cycle, as well as enriching it with new digital functionalities. What are the best brands doing?


  • Content customisation
  • Apps that provide extra value to the product
  • Omni-channel flows through digital solutions
  • Digital loyalty programs
  • Possibilities of product customisation
  • Funnels that mix on and off
  • Customised narrative with content, experts and locations
16:00 – 17:00 hrs

Ballroom - B 07 April 2022 – Ballroom – B

PANEL DISCUSSION: Building a D2C Website That Makes Your Business Stand Out

As a D2C brand, your website is more than an e-commerce store. You not only need to convert shoppers who are ready to buy, but also increase your brand awareness among your future customers while they’re still at the beginning of their customer journeys. That means you need to engage with customers in different stages of their customer lifecycles.


  • What’s your strategic approach – is it just a listing of product images with prices with a ‘cart’ and ‘buy now’ button, or does the website weave a story, engage, educate?
  • Build an SEO Strategy
  • Sculpting the Look and Feel
  • Navigating the customer purchase journey
  • Simplifying the Backend